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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

hey Tuesday! trying this "never ever ever" blog hop. here we go:

--will i not love people
--will i not love sleep
--will i not shop at victoria's secret or bath and body works when they have a sale :) so waiting for the semi-annual sale coming soon!
--will i take up smoking (besides i have asthma)
--will i miss having tummy issues (please go away soon!)
--will i not LOVE a blog hop! (so much fun and creative!)
--will i not love comments on my blog (i do reply back) or making a new blog friend!

there it is for this week. what is your "never ever ever"? and i am also at this blog hop: "grab a friend blog hop"

~eloquently rambling...


  1. How can anyone NOT shop at Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works during a sale? The sales are amazing!!!!

    1. Daisy, they sure are AMAZING!! i have way too many products for my good!

  2. Who doesn't love sale? I spend way too much money at both stores. It doesn't help that they are right next to each other in my mall. I swear they do that on purpose.

    How does a blog hop work? It sounds interesting.

    Please check out my blog.

    1. IWOFFM-thank you for the comment. they are near each other at my mall too. did you know they are sister companies? no wonder right? following you now too, you are on my daily read list!

  3. What a fun linkup! I will never not like making blog friends too! :-)

    1. Susannah, it is fun and it is every Tuesday. hope to see your responses for the next one my blog friend!


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