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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Words that Scare me and Anniversary

happy Thursday! there was an accident right in front of the entrance of my sub-division last night and it got me thinking of words that scare me. it was a multi-car accident and i do hope that all will be well even though their cars were a mess. here are some words that just somehow bring in some fear to me when i hear them:

hospital, accident, snakes, miscarriage, roach, surgery, fat, break-up, death, cancer, disease, hurricane, unemployment, suicide, hate, liar, fire, un-happy, lost, etc. i am sure there are more, but these are the few that came to my mind right now. what are some words that you would not want to hear/scare you?

now for some happy day my love and i have been together for 4 years!!! Happy Anniversary to us! now, i will say, i did not think we would make it to this day b/c the past 3 months with my eye surgeries, past being brought up on both our sides, and lots of arguing over petty things that brought out other feelings, searching for better jobs, being 5 hrs away, etc. but we did it and the day is here! although it has been really rough, i think it has made us stronger and in some strange way more in love with each other and better communicators. now...let's see if HE will remember and wish us a Happy Anniversary!!

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  1. Congratulations on 4 years! Love isn't easy...which is why I shy away from it. But I love to see others in love. Stay the course!

    1. msdrph, you are right! it is not easy at all. especially these past few months, but with patients, understanding, communication, and knowing that the other person is worth it, it will and can work. looking forward to many many more and awaiting to hear your love story soon!

  2. happy anniversary!
    I am the same way - I see / hear something bad and I start thinking of what scares me - many of your fears are mine

    1. Hillary, thank you! yes, when something bad happens it sure puts things into perspective!


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