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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve and BBB--finally!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! enjoy the day full of tradition and memories. if you are working and/or traveling, be safe. to all others...enjoy! now get to "wrapping!"

now, since i missed this on dec. 19, the boys behind the blog kick off, here it is now:

Mal Smiles

cute litte bro here again...he likes doing this and it is about food is a winner!

favorite cereal: strawberry honey bunches of oats

pancakes or waffles: pancakes--they seem to come out bigger :)

favorite holiday tradition: eating (hey i am a man now!)

all i want for Christmas: is some wonderful gifts (got you bro!)

best moment of 2013: knowing my sister could see again thanks to her eye surgeries and the Lord above and my 22nd birthday!

**there you have it! is he not a charmer??

~eloquently rambling...

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