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Friday, December 6, 2013

Follow Friday Hop & Happies and Crappies

happy Friday! here are so quick questions for the week with Hillary from Follow Friday at Feeling Beachie: 

Feeling Beachie

1. have you EATEN yet?

2. I was born in JULY

3. i have never USED FOUL LANGUAGE AT A PERSON, EVEN WHEN MAD, at least as far as i know

4. i can't stand THE LINES AT WALMART

this is also the week for Happies and Crappies too!

The Vintage Modern Wife and Brunch With Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up


--got all of novembe's files done and all but 5 for the month of december done!
--my co-worker at work gave me a bunch (i must have like 50) lemons! mmm, lemon water and tea here i come!
--got to speak with my love quite a bit this week. refreshing and surprising!
--had a yummy lunch of fried chicken, yams, green beans, and mac and cheese, lemon cake, and a!
--happy that it is friday! needed this break!


--Nelson Mandela passed away :(
--my tummy has been having issues this week
--i had way to many bills to pay :( i have done at least the min. payment for all of them!
--found out no phone upgrade this month as since i am on a family plan, someone in my house used what would have been my upgrade for theirs (they will remain nameless but...SHAME!!! iphone 3GS is so circa 2005 and you know and knew this!

~ eloquently rambling...


  1. You're a much better person than I am. I curse like a sailor! LOL

    1. haha! now i have used a word or two but never to anyone like i have never called anyone an b** or that to their face :)

  2. Your #1 was heard daily when I was growing up. that's the country....everywhere you go, people want to feed you. ha
    I get a fail on your #3. I worked in a prison once upon a time and picked up some bad habits then. they die hard, but I am working on it.

    1. Yes, food to country folks in important! the lines at walmart would not be so bad if they used all or at least most of the 35 lanes they have rather than just 4 of them at a time. ha!

  3. you are a much nicer person than me :)

    1. Aww, Hillary, I doubt that, but it is nice to hear. I have other flaws!

  4. Nelson Mandela passing was sad. :(

    I don't like lines at Walmart either, the self checkouts have made it nicer there. :) I'm visiting today from Fun Friday. :)

    1. Mail4Rosey, thank you for stopping by! The self check-outs do help when working, but if you have a lot of go!


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