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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last 2013 Sunday Social

it is Sunday, so it is Sunday Social...the last one of 2013. wow, where did this year go? i am actually glad it is over, lots of lessons learned and will use them in the new year 2014 and beyond.

Sunday Social

1. best new year you have had...all of them have been good. i have been around family so that is a plus.

2. are you doing anything for new years?--spending time with family and may open a gift or two too.

3. a book we all should read--read what you like. motivational books are always nice as it can show you one can do anything and your life it not that bad.

4. new years resolution--to pray more, to trust more, to be the best i could be at work and in all things, and to focus on finding a school/doctoral program this year. wow! i will be busy!

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