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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Random Wednesday & Would you Rather 

happy Wednesday to all :) so it is a random one. the weather is a mess, cold and then hot and then cold again with a touch of rain. cleaning out the office and supplies we do not need for the office move.  going to do a little game called "would you rather" right now, that is fairly random right?

Would You Rather...(these are from last week from the blog--Innerworkings of the Female Mind really hot all the time or super cold?--i would rather be hot all the time. i could always use a fan to cool off i suppose and it would be helpful for the winter months! ha!
… spend an hour talking to J.K Rowling or an hour with Daniel Radcliffe--Daniel Radcliffe

… would you rather fly on Air Force One with the president or have a minor reoccurring role on a popular television show?--Air Force one with the President all the way!! What a neat experience that would be and who knows, if we fly to a really far place like somewhere in Africa or China, i may be able to snag an US Ambassador job at the end of it all!

this weeks Would You Rather...

… have a pet dinosaur or  a pet blue whale--pet dinosaur. and one that could fly too so that we could fly places.

… live in the jungle or  the desert--jungle...gotta have some water now and food too!

… ghost walk or  spend a night at the graveyard--ghost walk. it would be kind of fun! just not on Halloween.

… be the Queen of England or  the President of America--Queen of England. i would not have any term restrictions technically. i could be Queen until i died :)

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I'm working on this weeks questions now!!

    So look for it soon.

    1. looking forward to it! did you ever figure out how to do a link up?

  2. I think I'd rather be cold, as I get headaches when I'm too hot, and I would much rather talk to JK than Daniel!!!

    Corinne x

    1. ohh yea, if you get headaches when too hot, i would opt for cold too. thanks for stopping by


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