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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Birthday and Chat

happy Wednesday and....Happy Birthday to me! i am officially 30 years old :) i did it and now it is time for me to live through it. thank you for all the sweet b-day wishes thus far. everyone has been so nice on social media today. my Facebook page is blowing up with "notifications!!" makes me smile.


What do you think you would have liked most from my menu?---i like all of it! thank you for no nuts or seafood...i am allergic.

Have you ever had an interesting experience with serving dinner guests?---so far serving guest is not bad. it is the kids sometimes that make it a bit difficult. you have all this great food and all the kid wants and will eat is a hamburger, hotdog, pb and j sandwhich, or ice cream. well, with guest just let them have it! :)

What's your favorite beverage, this summer?---i am a HUGE sweet tea fan! cannot say that enough. sweet tea all the way!

Do you ever have bouquets of fresh flowers in your home?---i do either when i get them as a gift or they happen to be on sale at the grocery store. they are nice to have and last at least a week! 

Tell me something interesting. Please---well, today is my birthday! happy 30th to me!!! that is interesting right?? what is more interesting is the advice you all will have to give :)



  1. I hope you have an amazing birthday! You deserve it. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you Beautiful!!
    I hope the day was wonderful and glorious.
    I am a big fan of sweet tea in the summer too. I even brew something I call "backdeck tea" myself. I just let it steep all day in the sun - add sugar and lemon and ice later: delicious!

    1. Rory, it was a great one! thank you for the sweet wishes!


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