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Monday, July 14, 2014

Me, Currently, and FundayMonday

happy Monday! time for the Monday Quiz about me, Currently, and Funday Monday! let's have some fun!

1. It is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month - if you had to share one courtesy that you'd like everyone to show, what would it be?---sometimes it is just better to call me than to text me. things can be misunderstood with text and if it something serious, a call is best.
2. Today is Pandemonium Day!  What creates pandemonium in your life?---misunderstanding and/or assumptions
3. This week also celebrates National Cavier Day (the 18th) - Have you ever tried cavier? Do you like it?--no, have not tried cavier because i am allergic to ALL SEAFOOD! no fish eggs for me. they do look pretty though when dressed up all fancy.

4. My boys are looking forward to next Sunday, National Lollypop Day!  What is your favorite lollypop flavor?  When was the last time you had a lollypop?---i like the candy apple lollipops and the good ole fashion dum dum pops. i had a lollipop last about last week. 

Currently with A Mama Collective
A Mama Collective

Thinking about:--why people can be so mean? someone who does not even know me banned me from a group and will not explain why. oh well. there are other groups. still mean.

Reading:--status updates on Facebook

Listening and past episodes of Real Housewives of New York

Watching:--The Real Housewives of New York

Thankful for: being alive! my car almost got broken into today and silly me went to confront the person and then hit my car's panic button.

Theme this week: home decor. not decorating yet, but i have a ton of ideas. i am all about stuff (throws, pillows, statues etc.) and wall art, not really painting to get the look i want. but that may all change when i get the home of my dreams!



  1. OK, kinda crazy that there has to be a National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

    1. yea, Susannah, i was surprised too! some folks need it though! thanks for stopping by. Still doing the Faith and Fellowship blog hop?

  2. Wow, I had no idea there was a national cell phone courtesy month! There's a month or day or week for everything, it seems!

    1. Trisha, yes, there is one for everything you can think of it seems! thanks for stopping by!


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