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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today and a Feature

happy Thursday! hope it was a great one for all. so far 30 is not so bad. thank you all for all the birthday wishes and advice. i have got lots planned for this decade. in my thirties i plan to...get married, have some children, get in better health, buy a home, take a cool trip or two, go on cruises, move up in my career or get a better one, possibly go back to school, live life etc. wow! phew, i better get started. 10 years may seem like a long time, but it can go fast. 

today was a good day. i slept in a bit b/c a day off work to observe the 4th before the 4th. took my brother to class, got some new exercise shoes ($13 at walmart and they are hot pink and black :), got some FSU shirts, they were on sale and my toes done, and had a little workout while waiting for my brothers class to  be over and i filled up the gas tank...yucky that was! i dream of the day when gas gets back below $3.00...please. also, i am featured on this blog here with my post about Faith in my life:

fairly productive day, not bad for the beginning of this new chapter, year and decade of my life. 


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