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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Stealing and Social

hi Sunday! not sure i am ready for Monday, but hey, at least it is meme and social time!

Sunday Social
1. What is the most difficult thing you have been through?---having eye surgery and having to leave school for various reasons, both of which i have bounced back from better than me and i am sure others expected.

2. What was your best birthday?---my 30th has not been so bad really. other than that, it would have to be the ones when i was younger and always went to Disney World.

3. What has been your favorite thing you’ve done in your own city?---going to the many beaches in my area. i live in Florida, we are FULL of beaches!

4. What is your idea of the perfect date night?---dancing, dinner, movie, lots of laughing and an overall good time. 

5. Have you ever been to a blogging conference? If so which one(s)? If not do you want to?---no blogging conference yet. i would like to go to one. BlogHer seems like one that would be a good one to go too. could be overwhelming too, but hey, would meet some great ladies!

Favorite summer flower:---Sunflowers

Flavor of ice cream:---creamy french vanilla

Mode of transportation:---a car or if it is the summer time a boat/cruise

Music:--soft rock, r and b, mixture of 90's and today songs

Food:---hamburgers. i could eat one everyday. it has your bread, meat, your veggies, and is almost a complete meal.

Favorite game to play:---twister

Earliest childhood summer memory:---going to Disney World 

Favorite Drink:---diet coke and sweet tea

Favorite Snack:---beef jerky and plain potato chips

Place to read:---in my bed 

Most annoying:---the bugs and gnats

How I handle the heat:---get into some water (beach or pool) or stay inside 

Pet Peeve:---being told that nothing is wrong when clearly there is because you mentioned that you are having a bad day or that something is wrong. and my nails chipping after i have just painted them. 

All-time favorite bathing suit:---a tankini (black bottom, floral bright top) 

Best Time of Day:---afternoon

Most romantic:--hearing "i love you" from a person you love. 

Summer movie:---Lifetime movies and i will always love sex and the city movie and the devil wears prada.



  1. YES to being told nothing is wrong when you just said there was. I hate that so bad. It`s the main reason I deleted my Facebook!

    1. i am thinking about deleting FB too, the drama on there is unreal

  2. Ah, another Disney lover! I love all things Disney! I wen to DWorld for my fifth birthday and have been countless other times...I've also been to DisneyLand and Disneyland Paris! Sarah
    Beyond The Gradebook

    1. Yes, indeed Disney sure is fun. I bet the one in Paris was out of this world!

  3. Is that your favorite suit in your header? It's darling! And, yes, if you just said something is wrong, something IS WRONG! Totally agree with you in that. Have a great week, and enjoy your afternoons. :o)

    1. Zippi, yes it is. i do love the color. my afternoon was ok. it has gotten to the point that when i hear something is wrong, depending on who, i just ignore it.

  4. You're the 2nd or 3rd person who had a birthday in Disneyworld. I can't wait to go there with my boys.

    1. Teena, it will be worth it! have the walking shoes and camera ready and enjoy! never too old for DisneyWorld

  5. oh, chipping freshly-painted nails is awful!

    1. Yes it is! The worst. I have the double duty coat that makes nails last almost 2 weeks before chipping. In love!


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