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Monday, July 28, 2014


happy Monday! what is currently going on on your end? here is what is going on with mine...w/ a Mama Collective.

Thinking about--starting a blog hop. not sure how to do it really or if others will join. perhaps another blogger and i can collaborate on one? it would be on Thursday if i do as that is the day i am lacking a blog hop :) or maybe i can co-host a few more?--suggestions?
Reading--a book about traveling to France

Watching--house hunters international (goes along with my book about traveling France right?

Thankful for--making it through this weekend. it was just me and the bro as folks were out for the weekend.

Enjoying--this much warmer weather. it is a nice change from all the rain

Loving--the fact that one of my fav. co-workers is back from her sick leave and doing MUCH BETTER!!!

Giving away--clothes and knickknacks that i have not used or opened



  1. Here from the currently blog hop! I love house hunters international. My uncle knew some people who were on it and come to find out that it's all a set up! Well, at least their episode was... They already had a place but pretended to be looking at others in order to make the episode. Funny right?

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    1. Lena, awww, man. it makes sense though. i always thought they were pre-recorded.

  2. I love House Hunters International!!!

    1. me too! always makes me want to travel


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