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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Ponder

happy Thursday! do you like to ponder? i like to ponder so let's ponder over this word "TOY" today with Brenda at BYG Adventures!

what does the word "TOY" mean to you?

ahh, toy! toy is something you can play with. you have fun with toys. you stay busy with toys. you can learn with toys. toys can be relaxing, if you have kids, toys can leave a mess. you can turn almost anything into a toy (pen, balloon, boat etc.) toys can be gift for kids and adults. that is all i have for toys right now. now i would like a toy??? hmmm???




  1. Toys indeed! I love your reminder that anything can be turned into a toy. My kitten Toby bears witness to that, if he can move it or carry it around, it becomes a toy! I wonder, if I was ten years old and standing in a toy store again, what would draw my attention. Toys have changed a lot, but bright colors always rule!

    1. Yes anything and bright colors are great!

  2. You are so right! My kids, who have enough toys to fill several houses it seems (yes, MESS!!) do just fine when we go camping and they have none of their usual toys. Aside from maybe a Barbie or Lalaloopsy that makes the trip. Next thing I see there are finding "pet rocks" and catching frogs and building them habitats --- given the chance and empty hours to fill: it's amazing what they will find to play with.

  3. I love this post! and I am so glad you decided to join in the fun.
    thanks for pondering with me!


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