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Monday, February 4, 2013

Brand Name or Generics?

i am not really loyal to any brand. usually, if it is on sale, i will get it. if not generic is fine with me. the only thing that i may not get generic is over the counter meds. with that said, generics sure can carry funny names such as apple hoops for appple jacks and honey oats for honey nut cherrios etc. my favortite and funniest (at least to me) in generic names is one i came across at the dollar tree for oil of olay called "oil of life" see hahah! it has great reviews and i have spotted it many times. now that i am ready to try it out for guessed it, i cannot find it :(  well, here is the pic. what is your take on generics? what is the funniest generic name for a product you have spotted?

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  1. I'm a generics brand. :) If I can save money and it does the same thing I'm sold. :)

    1. Jen, I hear you on that! Save anywhere and everywhere you can! how is the new job?

  2. I replied to your comment on "Your Doctor's Wife" blog but then thought you might not read it, so I wanted to share it here, too!

    I have a friend who went to the admission department at the school that she really wanted to attend for medical school and showed them her transcripts. she then asked them what she would need to do in order to be accepted.

    They told her, and she's graduating from her number one school in May. :) It's definitely possible (she also had a rough undergraduate degree program- and went forward with getting a Master's in Biology while studying for the MCAT.

    My husband went with a caribbean medical school. His school, SGU, has a program called "Foundations," which prepares students for what's to come, I'm sure that Ross Medical school in the Caribbean has the same option, although it's not called Foundations it's called MERP, I think. But, it's what the students need to do in order to move forward with their education. :) Good luck!

    Oh.. For MOST things, I definitely go for the generic, especially for food items, but I really like my name brand shampoo, deodorant and other soaps. :)

    1. Tammy, thank you for posting this here as well and also for reminding me to go check the blog hop over at Your Doctor's Wife. I still have yet to figure out how to get alerts on comments on my blog. will get there someday. that is a good idea to go to the school or schools of my choice and ask, what do i need to do? hmm? i am hoping not to go the Caribbean route if i can help it only b/c of what is said about those doctors at times. but hey, MD or DO is the same regardless of where you went to school right? how did your husband like school in the Caribbean? post-bac still an option for me you think?


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