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Friday, February 22, 2013

What a Day!!

today was a busy friday and it started off early...5:45am early. i made it and i am SO ready to go to sleep. it was a nice day. the all faculty and staff meeting went well. got a chance to see others that i really do not see too much being on another campus. lunch with a work buddy was nice. meeting and presentation went well again for round two. it is a work in progress. got a great deal on my college t-shirt. i think i will be very ready for work come monday...freedom week starts sunday!! wahoo! the staff meeting agenda made me want to scream and quit my job. i thought we had an issue already resolved and somehow it has re-surfaced its ugly head again. i am not understanding why one person feels the need to have extra paper in files. 8 extra sheets that are not needed. i will let you do the math, but if we need to see 1500 students and have to add an extra 8 sheets of paper to each....well 1500x8= that is a lot and a WASTE of paper because IT IS NOT NEEDED!! i am not sure how else to get the point across? phew...this weekend is much needed. also: i am SO HAPPY to see Robin Roberts back. i hope all things only continue to go only better for her.

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