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Friday, February 1, 2013

Mon-Fri Review

so glad it is friday! the week was a good one. no major issues and work was work. glad that the student count is picking up. my goal is to hit over 200 by the end of our grand year august 31, 2013. good vibes/prayers welcomed. i have had the car since the start of the year so that has been nice. i can actually get out of the office for lunch, but i have been a taxi driver in the process. you win some you loose some.

mon; start of the week. slow appt flow. caught up on e-mails and files. had some good dialog with my love.

tues: same as monday :) free lunch at work from subway so that was nice. chat with my love. 1/2 day at the office.

wed: electricity seminar, free subway lunch, evening workshop event (i hope to get some students in to me from this event). chat with my love.

thurs: 1/2 day at the office, appt. student flow picked up. i have not heard the phone ring SO much in 4 hours!! this is good. got to get the numbers! used my afternoon off to hunt for baby gifts (got some good deals) and snuck in a little shopping for me too :) (shhh, do not tell!). i am still on the hunt for a new pair of heels and flats. you all know of a good place to look? chat with my love.

fri: we shall see as that is today! fully booked, i hope they all show up. no weekend event for work planned so little trip perhaps to see an old friend of mother's. she has not seen her in over 30 years and her friend's daughter just had a baby. i am sure there will be a chat with my love. he has a couple of games today and one on saturday.

**question**: i have been asked to represent the program at a career fair hosted by the school i work at. is it wrong for me to bring my own resume to the event to hand out? i mean i am looking for something that pays more and is not 100% driven by numbers. meaning if the grant as a whole does not meet their specified number, everyone that is on the grant will lose their job. let me just say..AHHH! STRESSFUL!!!

hope your week went well :) have a great weekend. looking forward to reading about it all and Happy Black History Month!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I don't think it's wrong at all to bring your own resume. Go for it girl! :)

    1. Jen, thanks! i think i will take it. you never know who may be looking, but if they are not better than what i currently have then no go :) how is your new job working out?


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