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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Freedom and Weird Dream

wahoo! today is the day! FREEDOM!! the folks are off and they are safe! the bro and i said a prayer for everyone before they departed. i just went a got some food for the week. i really do not plan to head out this week except for work and school. i get to watch ALL the TV i want...yea! so far i have done all the real housewives and now i am traveling with house hunters international. hope to see my love this week! we need it and he will get his $$$ right. it will work out. hope to have a relaxing week and hopefully not too many neighbors will come and  "check on" us ADULTS!!! HA!

now on to the CRAZY it was about facebook, lemons, and being chased by a female killer/ghost. strange! i got called in by my boss in my dream and something was said about me being on FACEBOOK, they forgot that i manage the company page, so i did not lose my job, but it was scary and got me thinking. there was a LEMON tree outside my bosses office and i was so excited about heading out and picking some for my family. but when i got outside, all the lemons in reach were gone :( then somehow, i ended up being chased by a FEMALE KILLER. oh boy! we were running up and down the stairs and then ended up on the baseball field bleachers, someone stopped her to talk to her and then i woke up. phew, what a night. my mind must have had a lot on it.

ok, going to eat some veggie sushi and a cupcake and watch the Oscars all before monday gets here! cheers to this week!

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