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Thursday, February 21, 2013


presentations are the bain of my existence! ahhh! i have one to give tomorrow after a 1/2 day full of training. i will be fine and well, just keep going with it and be thankful that i get to help others. i do a great job and i am happy that others notice it! thank you! :)

 i got the chance to listen to a great speaker today Mr. Brooks Harper. he was dynamic and quite funny. it was an event that i certainly did not fall asleep at :) he has 2 books one about hiring (why should we hire you?) and one about 7 steps to make mill$ (millions). he went through the TRiO grant program that i work for and it is great b/c he came from a low income home and raised by a single parent and now, you know he has made something of himself and has ended the poverty generation for his family. he said: "you know how TRiO has helped me? it has helped me because now my kids will not need TRiO because i am now at an income level that my children will not qualify." that is great and such a success. we love to hear how we have helped you stop the low income gap or how by you, you have encouraged others to go to school. also, he said a really funny joke...well funny to me at least...he said: "i am like butter....i am on a roll!" hahahah!! 2 more days until "freedom week!" LOL!

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  1. You are right you will do just fine and be great! :) Have a wonderful day!


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