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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Rambles...

yea for friday! we made it! recap of the week includes:

- participated in blog hops...that was fun...i just linked up to this one (see pic above) and here is the blog hop page:
-attended lots of meeting for work...goodness driving is tiring.
-ate TOO MUCH food this week...but all were yummy and helped out the school donation wise. had it all from pasta's to cupcakes :)
-setting up a table at the career fair this weekend...debated on taking my resume with me? i think i will run off a few copies to have with me, just in case :) i will check out who is there.
-going to try and comment on at least 5 blog post a day...even if just "hello" Jen @ The Adventures of our Army Life and NavyWif33@ NavyWif33 usually get my first 2 comments, gotta surprise a few others.
-still debating on apple-vs-android, post HERE. right now, apple is winning by your comments.
-my love has games to call this weekend so i wish him well.
-i hope to sleep in this weekend.
-thinking about daily blog themes, like "motivational mondays" any ideas would be great.
-i will try and understand that one does not need to post everyday, but it is a good goal to have so at least i am on here sometime during the week.

~hope your friday goes well :)

~eloquently rambling...


  1. You can never eat too much food haha. :) have a great weekend!!

    1. Jen, this is true! you have a good weekend too!

  2. Hey Hun!

    Just found you in the blog hop, I must say, I'm def an apple girl. My hubby tried switching it up with a droid, and now he's running back to apple too. I do like one of the functions the droid offers which is the keypad but other than than apple is WAY more functional (in my opinion) best of luck-- and it's always okay to over eat, when it's for a good cause *wink, wink*

    Maya D

    1. thank you for checking me out. hope you stay a while. it looks like apple is winning hands down. only had one positive from Android. i will have to check out your blog! blog hops are fun!!


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