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Saturday, February 16, 2013

It is only what???

saturday is here! you all should check out your local thrift store! mine has a President's Day Sale going on and and certain color tags (today was RED) items were $0.69 cents a piece or less. WOW!!! i had a good time finding things. jeans, shirts, dresses, jackets, plates (full set of 4 plates), cool gear travel cup (well this was $0.45 cents) some ties for dad and light kahki pants and men shirts for the brother all for $0.69 each or less. i ended up spending $40.00 and some change for A LOT of items. i even found a KardashianKollection shirt for...yep...$0.69 (only way i would give them money and also only way i could afford their line too). i have liked their Facebook page so that i will know when their HOT 69 cent days are. i think the pattern is usually on holiday weekends like labor day, presidents day, christmas, new year etc. i like this thrift store b/c it is close to home and also the money you spend there goes to feed the homeless who use their shelter and they are Christian based too. it takes about $2.00 to feed one person. so looks like my contribution will help feed about 20 people :) makes you feel good does it not and i got some great finds too. do you all have a favorite thrift store or stores where you can get things for rock bottom prices?

now, i am cleaning up and re-arranging my room and desk and the sheets on my bed need to laundered. waiting on some call back phone calls, but until then, keeping this saturday a busy one!

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  1. Those are awesome deals! Good job! ;)

  2. I love me some Good Will when they have a good selection.


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