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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have not forgotten you!

my dear blogger friends...scratch that, my friends period :), i have not forgotten about you. remember my "freedom" week that is still going on, well, i have been busy and my love is here all week so we have been spending time catching up and talking about life in general and our future together. i have also been playing "mommy" from making sure dinner is ready for my brother, my love, and i and also taking the bro to and from school while going to work too! phew! much better respect for your parents out there! who knew what an extra 30 min of sleep deprivation can do? i can do it. 1/2 day at the office today so, it looks like i can spend the afternoon with my love. my brother will be fine as it will give him a chance to study for his test and watch a few of his favorite shows. going to clean the kitchen and pantry, and dining area, and do some laundry this week and hopefully head to the outlet mall and/or beach for the weekend. so far so good. and believe me my friends, i have not forgotten you at all...just a little preoccupied :) that is a little update for now.

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  1. Enjoy your time with your love, happy to see you checking in though. :)

    1. thank you Jen! we are having a great time! i am remembering to check in :) back to normal come Sunday!!


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