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Monday, March 31, 2014

About me Monday and FunDay!

 About me Monday! Happy Monday to all :)

Acting Balanced
1. Tuesday is April 1st - will you be participating in April Fool's Day?
--no, but I look forward to reading and hearing about others

2. Describe the month of March in 5 words or less...
--hot and cold, pick one!

3. Do you like fish?  Have you had/would you have an aquarium in your home?
--as an animal, i do not mind them. as food, i am allergic to all things in the water/seafood. a home aquarium would be neat to have.
4. April is National Poetry Month - do you write/read poetry?  Share a favorite if you have one!
--i read it when i have to or if they are in a card. no favorite one really. i like the ones in greeting cards and love poems written from the heart. 

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