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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lovely Blog Hop and Would You Rather...

happy is almost Friday...yea! for some reason it sure did feel like a Wed. for a moment. here we go...first there is the Lovely Thursday Blog Hop with Her and Nicole, hop over and find a friend!

now for a session of Would you Rather...

Would you Rather....

---be famous or best friends with someone famous?--i would rather be best friends with someone has it's benefits and i could still in a way have my own life.

---have fame and fortune and nothing else or be with the love of you life and have nothing--i would rather be with my love and have nothing. we can build together and i am hoping that if we had nothing, but still loved each other then it will last. 

---go back in time and meet your ansestors (pre- 1800's) or go into the future and meet your great-grand children (post 2200)--i would rather meet my past ancestors, maybe that will give me better insight into who i am today.

~what would you rather do?


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