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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


happy Tuesday! coffee chat time! let's talk about passion... no, not the soap...this one may be all over the place, but hey passion usually is right?

the secret of passion-how does one find their a passion?

hmmm, what a good question for the rainy and cold still in March Tuesday still in Florida. there is really no right or wrong answer to this one so here we go. one can find their passion by first deciding on what it is they like. what do you like? i like many things so at times i have had to narrow it down to say 5 and focus on that. experimenting also allows you to find your passion. like with this blog. i now have passion for it and i make an effort to try and update it daily even if it is through questions from a blog hop or link up.

i have passion for life now when i did not so much before. i strive to do my best and stay healthy so i can live a long life. passion comes from believing in yourself and your faith. as long as you are doing right and doing what you love your passion for that thing will show. passion can come and go and that is ok, just keep doing what you love and it is ok to sit and think about what your passion may be and then go for it.



  1. Love that you said "passion comes from believing in yourself and your faith" -- so awesome. and so true. You need a certain amount of confidence to live your passion -- and if you really want to go for it, a measure of faith may be necessary too.
    And yes - we all should strive to do our best, and let the simple things have great meaning too.


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