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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coffee Chat and Q and A

happy Tuesday! it is time for some coffee and a little chat too! i am also going to link up with another Tuesday Question and answer too. these are too fun! you know what...i am on Spring Break, but my little brother is not, so i am taking him to classes and well, this post comes to you from the college campus library. fun indeed and this place is packed! i also forgot how hard it is to park on college campuses...sheese! here we go...

Tuesday Coffee Chat...What makes you Unique?

Time out for Mom

my my my, Les sure does come up with good questions. well, we are all unique in some way b/c there is no one else out there like us. not even if you are a twin. so what makes me unique? well...

--i am not yet 30
--i have a brother who is 7 years younger than me and is Autistic
--my family is from Nigeria, so in the real sense of the word and meaning, i am truly an African-American.
--i have lived in many places due to the military life of my mother. my favorite places had to be Orlando, FL (can we say Disney all the time and I swear I do no remember a single trip to the place in my younger days...hahah) and Sicly. oh how i wish i was not a teen when we went there and digital cameras were in existence so that i could take load of pics. 
--i love the dollar tree! if someone gave me a gift card to the place, i would be totally happy. i love to get my little snacks, drinks and make-up there. 
--i love Cool Gear type cups...i must have say 15 of them and you will never see me without a cup/drink in my hand or near me. i am all about staying hydrated.
--i would rather be hungry than thirsty.
--my full African name means "In the mist of plenty" as i have gotten older i see this meaning taking place. it does not mean money really, i am in the mist of plenty with friends, family and love and i know i have been spared many times
--i love McDonald's chicken nuggets and sweet tea!
--i love to shop/well really, find really good bargains
--i am a HUGE Florida State Fan!! GO NOLES, have been since age 2 or 3 b/c the gator as an animal scared me and i really liked the team (FSU) with the pony! do not judge me...i was 3-4 at the time :)

ok, now lets go to to more Q and A with me with Everyday Ruralty. i came across this blog link up from my friend who always leaves a sweet comment for me Retired not Tired :)
Everyday Ruralty
What are your favorite condiments?--ketchup, honey mustard, ranch dressing, honey, and splenda

What are you reading?--juicing books and lots of magazines. i need to get back to a good book.

What was the last dessert you had?--the pound cake i made

Wendell would like to know if you would build him a snowman. (If you don't have snow, just pretend. He's not detail oriented.)--sure, i would build him a snowman if he would help. since i live in FL it may really be a "sandman" instead.

Tell me something fun or interesting.--i miss climbing trees. i used to climb them all the time when i was younger. 



  1. So glad you linked up to my blog and joined in with Patrice and Wendall. You are truly unique. My grandson is autistic as well.

    1. RNT, me too! I look forward to continuing. Speaking of "unique" those autistic kids sure are unique.

  2. Welcome to Chats. I enjoyed reading your answers.

    1. Becky, thank you! I hope to be a regular. glad you liked the answers!

  3. You are very uniquely accomplished. Welcome to chats, I have never made a pound cake.....does it actually have a pound each of all the ingredients?

    1. thank you Banker Chick for your kind words. Not really a pound of each. in fact this one was a quick one i found on Pinterest and it was actually quite light in the tasting.

  4. "in the mist of plenty" I LOVE that. so beautiful and profound. It suits you for sure! :)
    I really have to get better at staying hydrated. Maybe if I got a cool cup? It could be my signature cup - my unique water holder. I like that idea.

    1. Rory, hahah! yes, they sure do increase my water/fluid intake for sure and they are cute and stylish too. thank you for your comment about my name :)

  5. I think that if I were to try to climb a tree these days, there would be an Ent-moot! The trees would rebel and so would my body. :)

    You mentioned that you're into bargains. My husband and I are, too, though both of us hate to shop. haha Have you heard of extreme couponing? There was a TLC series of the same name. It was really interesting to see the deals those folks got. My husband and I are trying to get to that level now, at least in regards to savings. We don't need to stock up on 9 zillion bottles or boxes of anything. Six months to a year supply would be good enough for us. Some of those folks had enough stuff stockpiled to last 4 years!

    It is nice to meet you. I am a new follower. Have a great week!

    1. Nice to meet you too! Yes, I have heard of that show. i miss it actually, but that is just too much work in general with it all. but hey, they have the time. a good stalk-pile is nice. thanks for following i will do the same!

  6. I love the meaning of your name, yes we are all unique. The one thing I think that makes me unique is I love to wear moccasins. Being bare foot is my favorite, but it is cold during the colder months. Wearing moccasins is the closest I can get to being bare footed in the colder months. Thanks for sharing again on Tuesdays With a Twist, stop by tomorrow to share again.


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