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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little chat...

happy Wednesday! let's have a little chat by the farmhouse porch :) i have missed this little link-up. i have got to get my link-ups in order. 
Do you like lemon-aid? Any special flavors?--i like regular lemonade and strawberry lemonade (which girl is not a fan of a little pink?)

I'm trying not to use paper goods for this party. How many place settings of silverware(eating utensils) could you come up with? I wish I could borrow some!!!!!!!!---oh gosh way too many. they are hodgepode though b/c well, they were picked up here and there, sale, garage sale, from college, thrift store etc. 

Have you ever been to a party in a barn?--yes actually. during my childhood at camp and also as an adult a family friend had their wedding in a barn.

Do you wear nail polish?--yes, mostly on my toes. my fingernails when i remember or for an occasion or if i have a little extra cash laying around...hahah...that is like never, but when i do, i like to get my nails done. 

Please finish this sentence. I wish I could__________________--move to another city already! i am ready for a change and some new found freedom in exploring a new place.



  1. I have lived in the same city all my life (Toronto....suburbs really) but I travel a lot. I don't mind Miami I think I could live there or maybe another city in Canada. The only place I ever got homesick was New York City, after 2 weeks I was done lol.


    1. some places are just best for vistiting. lucky you get to travel


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