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Thursday, June 5, 2014

TOT Meme--Link Up with Me!

Welcome to the Thursday Meme called Three (3) on Thursday or hey...the TOT Meme! I am teaming up with WTIT who does the popular Memes such as Stealing Sunday and Saturday 9. Now, you can add this one to your list! 

3 on Thursday

There will be... you guessed it...THREE (3) questions each (ok, well most) Thursdays and all you have to do is answer them in your blog, link up, have fun, and make a new friend perhaps by leaving a comment...we all love a comment or two :). My answers will be on my blog Eloquent Rambles. Have fun and lets get started!

1. What is an irrational fear you have?---the fear of running out of gas in my car and being stuck somewhere! yikes!

2. What is the chore that is the worst for you?---hanging the shower curtain back up. that is an arm workout!

3. Are you a sports person/fan? (Feel free to share the teams you cheer for! Go Team Go!)---YES!!! LOVE SPORTS. most of them. college and NFL football, basketball, soccer, and the Olympics. i cheer for my Alma Mater Florida State, the team for the college I work for, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Braves and ANY team playing against the Miami Heat. (Go Spurs!) i have recently started to like and have gotten into Areana sports such as Arena Football. 

**Answer, Link-up, Have fun, and Make a Friend :) *



  1. i always misjudge how much further i can go with what's left in the tank! the little light comes on when i'm driving (usually on the freeway, and miles away from a gas station) and i'm praying all the way that i'll make it to the gas station in time! haha! i should stop doing that.

    1. Liahuna, thanks for the comment! now that i have to pay for gas...i usually ride until the light comes on now. haha! gas is expensive!


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