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Monday, June 2, 2014

About Me Monday and Currently

happy Monday! so glad to see this link-up back after it's little break! so, before we get started i would like to inform you all that...this is my LAST month in my 20's :( exactly ONE month from today (July 2nd baby here) i will begin my journey in my 30's. ok, now that that is off my chest...moving along to some more about me! welcome to the Monday Quiz about Me with Acting Balanced. 

1. My Mom double dared me to actually post Monday Quiz today after it's two week hiatus... what was the last thing someone dared you to do?

A:---haha, with it being beach season and all, i have been dared to go nude on the beach. i think i am brave enough for it, the problem is this...i like my clean no jail record AND gotta find a beach that will at least allow one to be nude. is it something you would do?

2. Today is National Rocky Road Day - are you celebrating?

A:--- as in the ice cream? i will celebrate by eating some ice cream. if rocky road has almonds in perhaps.
3. June is Aquarium Month - have you visited an Aquarium lately?

A:---no, not lately. would like to go back to one. it has been over a year. you know Sea World would be fun too!
4. Have you had a yummy new food or tried a new recipe lately?

A:---you know the Chimichanga at the local Mexican restaurant was not bad and neither was this 100 calorie Greek yogurt by Yoplait.  

let's also see what is "Currently" going on as well :) with A Mama Collective
A Mama Collective

Thinking About: life in general. for some reason it is hitting me harder than it has in the past. i will figure it out and my direction.

Reading: the random books on my e-reader

Listening to: my co-worker on the phone (but i am not listening in on the conversation)

Watching: nothing, i am at work. i am "looking" at Facebook pics off and on.

Thankful for: safety and love. with so much going on in the world, i am thankful for safety and love



  1. I would love to visit Sea World some day as well.

    1. me too! it has been a LOOONNNGGG time!

  2. Ohh I wish I would have known about Rocky Road day. That's my favorite kind of ice cream. I'll have to celebrate later this week :) thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Oooh, we got to visit the Atlanta Aquarium a couple of years ago and it is so cool! I would love to go back one day. (stopping by from the link-up) :)

    1. That is neat! I hope you do too. Yea my visit was a while ago as well.


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