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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Quiz and Currently

happy Monday! hope it is a good one. here is the Monday Quiz and a Currently Link up and who knows what else :)

1. It's email week - do you still use email for communication?  How do you keep in touch with most people?---i still use e-mail if i have to. work e-mail is a must. e-mail is mostly now it is for my online earning sites and to send and do offers. e-mail has gotten so spammy now. i like Skype, Facebook, and chat apps to communicate. A phone call is always nice as well. 

2. Today is Donald Duck Day - in his honor, we're asking what makes you Quackers?---hehe, well a good joke or funny picture usually does it.

3. Tomorrow is Iced Tea Day - sweet or unsweet? flavored? lemon?  not at all?---LOVE sweet tea! this is my kind of question! always sweet. flavored is nice, but plain is just as good!

4. How is your garden growing?---if i had a garden, it would be average. i need to figure out what to plant. perhaps i will plant some basil and green onions again. 

now, what is currently going on with you? let's find out along with A Mama Collective
A Mama Collective

Currently i am...

THINKING ABOUT--how this week go so busy

READING--update blogs

LISTENING TO--the phones ringing off the hook

WATCHING--my e-mails for new messages, but really i need to be watching Law and Order SVU

THANKFUL FOR--some current opportunities



  1. Haha go watch Law and Order ;) Good luck with your busy week! ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

    1. Jenna, i have finally caught up with Law and Order...yes!

  2. I have a garden this year but had a few plants drowning due to all this stinking rain we are having ugh. It stinks.

    1. yes, the rain has been a lot lately. i hope your plants grow soon!

  3. It's been a very busy week here - looking forward to a quieter week... fingers crossed!

    1. Heather, you and me both! any luck with it?


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