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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Social

happy Sunday! let's get Social! this is a fun one! mix of questions...
Sunday Social

1. What was your college major? Did you ever change majors?--i started off as a Chemistry/pre-med major. that did not work kicked my butt (i corrected that later) but i ended up majoring in Family and Child Sciences with a concentration in Child Development and a minor in Biology. 

2. Best purchase you’ve made lately?--bath and body works and Victoria secret's semi-annual sale. and i paired up the already low prices with coupons too!

3. Something silly we don’t know about you and go…--the reason i became a Florida State University/Seminole fan since i was 3 years old was because the Gator scared me and I really liked the team with "the pony" ie the horse (Renegade). 

4. Favorite Holiday?--Christmas! everyone always to seem to have off and a good chance for all to get together and be a family and prep for the new year that is coming!

5. The first thing you do when you wake up?--go to the restroom. i sleep through the night, so when i get up via alarm...i have got to go! 



  1. Dang! I missed their sale! I needed to stock up! I was a nursing major and organic chem kicked my bum. Hard.

    1. The sale is still going on in a way. Some stores still have leftover 75% off items.


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