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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Turn Offs

happy Tuesday! lets chat...over coffee or diet coke at least, it is almost lunch time.'s chat is about "what makes you go...ewwww? what turns you off?"

ahhh, the famous what turns you off. well, that can be a we go...

 Time out for Mom

--lazy people or people that come to work and do not work (people are looking for jobs)

--rude people


--lack of tolerance

--lack of belching loudly in public and not saying thank you

--a man that is too arrogant or lacks self-confidence--who am i going to lean on if i need it?

--a person who has many children and keeps having children but cannot and does not want to support or care for or woman. so many loving couples want to have children and they cannot.

--co-workers who back stab you and really do not try and help you advance in your place of employment.


  1. definitely good turn offs. - glad I am retired!

    1. RNT, i am glad you are retired too! you are not missing much :)

  2. naturally being Canadian - manners matter people!! We do actually say sorry when people bump into US. LOL it's cliche -- but I'd rather error on the side of being too polite.... than a douche.
    And the extreme baby makers is kind of a pet peeve of mine too. I mean -- in situations where it is they can not afford them..... or handle them.

    1. Yes, i often say I am sorry too just in case. better to be safe than sorry. Yes, to have children just b/c and expect others to pay for it is a big turn off.

  3. Lack of manners = reason why my brother-in-law is single.

    1. ha! i am sorry to hear that for him Lisa. i hope he changes soon!


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