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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coffee Chat and It is OK

happy Tuesday and Wednesday too! and what do you know...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Host of Tuesday Coffee Chat Les! i hope it was a great one! i think i missed the post about the rules for the party, but i hope i am still invited to join in on the fun!

Time out for Mom

Let's Chat and here is the theme: It's my Birthday!  What did ya get me?  Where are we going?    Remember the rules regarding what you can bring.  I am bringing Licorice and Beer. 

first off...Happy Birthday. i hope it is a great one and ENJOY! I got you a blog post on your special day! we can go wherever you is on me :) i must have missed the post on the rules of what to bring, but i can bring the cake :) yummo!  hope the day and party goes/went well.

Now...let's do a little "hey it is okay!" because you know is okay! w/Airing my Dirty Laundry one Post at a Time!

--it is ok that i have to be at work at 7am and work 10 hour days
--it is ok that my room is a mess
--it is ok that i have not made dinner yet
--it is ok that this blog post is really 2 days late.
--it is ok that things are just ok :)



  1. no one is ever really late for Coffee Chat -- because the coffee is always on! :)
    And the rules were that you bring food/beverage according to your initials. But I guess it was a tough one because not many got it.
    But it doesn't matter because you know I am not turning anyone away - no way! the more the merrier, so thanks for coming. and absolutely for bringing cake.
    And my whole house is a bit of a mess after the company I had on the weekend --- and the fact that I basically didn't do any cleaning before or on my birthday.

    1. Thanks Rory for still letting me attend. Yea, totally missed the rules post. Glad coffee is always on! Hope it was a good day!

  2. Oh, I see that you did not follow the rules of what to bring but that is ok, maybe next time. ;)
    Anyway, good to see you again!

    1. Nalia, yes, i missed the whole rules post totally. i hope next time i can get it. good seeing you too!

  3. You can post It's Okay any day of the week :) Thanks for linking up!

    My room can be a mess as well--and that dinner is sometimes late. I sometimes have no idea what I'm even making until later.

    1. AMDL, thank you for the info on it. glad I can link up anytime!


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