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Monday, May 5, 2014

what a day!

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happy Monday! what a day. short post. i was up and down today for work. i was out at another campus location that was 40 min away. phew. got out of a ticket...the officer was a nice one and understood it was my co-workers and i first time in the area and we were lost. he even showed us the way, which we missed by a little over a mile. there are still some good cops :)

 we are all trying to regroup from the flood and move around and re-arranged. i think i have a place to stay for now. i will admit, it was nice to be on the other campus as i got to see some co-workers i hardly see unless i am there. i will just go with the flow tomorrow. looks like i am working out of my trunk :) hope to have at least a computer...or i may just bring my laptop in. who knows. how was your Monday?

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  1. Yes - there are some good cops still out there for sure! :)

    I am just hearing about this flood thing! I do hope you are okay!
    It seemed like we'd be soon in flood conditions ourselves this Monday - waking up to rain once again. but by noon it had stopped and by evening the sun showed off it's splendour before going to bed.

    1. Rory, yes, we are fine and it was so nice to have a nice cop. The rain has been off and on since then.


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