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Monday, May 12, 2014

Me on Monday!

happy Monday! a little late. story of my life right now. but let's get to it. Monday Quiz About Me with Acting Balanced.

Acting Balanced

1. How was your Mother's Day?---well, it was nice. i spoke with my mom who is in Africa spending time with her mom. i am not yet a mom, but will be soon, but i did enjoy seeing all the sweet mommy messages and pics on social media. hope father's day is just as popular!

2. Heather's favorite NASCAR driver won yesterday, so she's asking - do you watch any auto racing?  racing of any type?  Do you have specific drivers/athletes that you follow?---no, no, and no. glad her favorite driver won though! i guess i would like NASCAR if i was there live.

3. It's National Bike Week - do you bicycle?---haha, you mean like a bicycle or or motorcycle? LOL! just kidding. i do own a bicycle (2 wheels got it from Wal-mart). my father and a few friends own motorcycles. i miss riding on them

4. Have you had a yummy new food or tried a new recipe lately?---i have been green juicing lately. no real new foods, but i am really liking my electric pressure cooker :)

well, there it is, Me on Monday...sorry so late with it!

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