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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where do you want to go?

happy Tuesday! grab your cup of coffee and let's chat and go somewhere neat! today for me it is iced coffee. the weather is getting warmer, what can i say, the weather is warming up. random bit of information...did you know that Burger King is now doing "Burgers for Breakfast"? cool concept if you ask me b/c sometimes you just do not want "breakfast food for breakfast you know. we shall see how my stomach handles it. 

Time out for Mom would have to be this lovely place....Arizona to the Grand Canyon. i have never been there before, but somewhere i have always wanted to go. i hope they have enough bridges and gates and such to make it not feel that i am so high as i am afraid of heights. is this not beautiful. have you been to the Grand Canyon?



  1. Arizona is beautiful. I too would love to see the Grand Canyon.

  2. The Grand Canyon is amazing. The pictures really do not do it justice!

  3. I would love to see those spectacular formations

  4. I have not been and it is definitely one of the places I would love to see. I just cannot even imaging the scope of BIG it must be to stand there and gaze upon that marvel. My camera battery would be dead in a hour from taking pics! Ha.
    The only thing for me, might be the heat -- I hear it's really scorching hot in Arizona and it might be a bit much for this Canuck.


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