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Thursday, May 29, 2014

TOT Meme

Welcome to the Thursday Meme called Three (3) on Thursday or hey...the TOT Meme! I am teaming up with WTIT who does the popular Memes such as Stealing Sunday and Saturday 9. Now, you can add this one to your list! 

3 on Thursday

There will be... you guessed it...THREE (3) questions each (ok, well most) Thursdays and all you have to do is answer them in your blog, link up, have fun, and make a new friend perhaps by leaving a comment...we all love a comment or two :). My answers will be on my blog Eloquent Rambles. Have fun and lets get started!

1. What is your favorite TV show?--House Hunters International

2. Do you like the beach or the pool?--the pool, i feel like i can actually swim

3. Are you a morning or night time shower person?--morning shower person. it wakes me up and a splash of cold water does the trick.

**Answer, Link-up, Have fun, and Make a Friend :) *


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