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Sunday, August 10, 2014

13 things

hi Sunday! let's do some Sunday Stealing...

1. Outside my window… --the yard and grass

 2. I am thankful… for a lot of things and my eye sight

 3. In the kitchen… picked basil from the garden pots outside

 4. I am wearing…a blue and green floral shirt and jeans

 5. I am creating… this blog post

 6. I am going…no where at the moment...should be going to sleep (zzz)

 7. I am reading… a dieting book

 8. I am learning…more about healthy food and bioavaliable vitamins

 9. I am pondering…too much

 10. A favorite quote…try, try, and try again

 11. One of my favorite things…my connects me to soooo much

 12. A few plans for the rest of the week… to keep a level head and catch up

 13. A peek into my day…wake up, work, get brother from school, talk to a friend or two, check social media, eat dinner, clean up, and then sleep.



  1. Pondering is good. Much to ponder, but try and only ponder pleasantries.

  2. I like your plans for the week! Hope you catch up.

  3. You've just reminded me that I need to cut some basil from my garden. I know what you mean about the eye sight thing :)

  4. I find that when I read dieting books, then I just want to eat...

  5. Try, try and try again. Very good advice in this world! Enjoy your weekend.


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