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Thursday, August 14, 2014


hi readers! let's do some pondering on the word...Stand w/BYG Adventures and others

yep, STAND. it can mean so many things.
--stand up for yourself
--stand up for your rights
--stand up for injustice
--stand in line
--stand up straight
--stand still
--i cannot STAND you
--stand this against the wall/corner
--a stand at a store/kiosk
--music stand
--table stand
--stand in place
--there is a beautiful song by Donnie McClurkin called STAND

how do you see the word stand?



  1. A great free-standing verse! Stand in line, that's one I wish we didn't know so well, but our smart phones make that waiting time more bearable now! :-)

    1. Josie Two Shoes, yes, smartphones seem to make things go by much faster or not seem so boring like bathroom time!

  2. I did my post, and then I thought of the most familiar phrases lately like Stand Up to Cancer, Stand Up to Bullying.... can't believe I didn't include such worthy causes.
    I didn't think of stand in line, but probably because I am so impatient - it's like "look! I found hell!" for me.

    1. Rory, yes, i forgot about those causes too in relation to the word stand. we got them down now!

  3. My; first visit...remember as a kid hearing that phrase "I cannot stand you!" So awful. For stand in line, I usually pick the line that has a problem with the register or one of the items being checked out at the grocery. Never fails.

    1. Linda, ha! yes, i always pick that line too. it seems like if it is a short line, it never fails. yes, the i cannot stand you did hurt a lot. and welcome to my blog!

  4. These are all really thoughtful illustrations of the word "stand". I like the way you think! Hug.

    1. McGruffy, thanks for the Hug! hope you are well.

  5. lot it!

    Thanks for pondering iwth me!


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