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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pondering the word...Cover

hey readers! you ready to take cover? well, at least let's ponder the word "Cover" today with BYG Adventures. what comes to mind when you think of cover? 

--get under the covers on a cold night or in a cold house
--cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
--cover up your tracks
--cover for someone
--cover your food if you are not ready to eat
--cover yourself with a towel when out of the shower
--chocholate covered strawberries--yummy!
--cover ground in traveling
--covering the basis
--cover your eyes if bright outside or for a surprise
--cover your face
--cover the table
--cover your car
--take cover (tornado, hurricane, bad event)
--cover your body with appropriate clothes
--cover the cost
--cover your butt :)
--cover your ears
--grass covers your yard
--cover your test (remember this in school days?) no cheating!

as you can see, when i think of cover, i think mostly in a hiding/protecting sense. how do you think of cover?



  1. Well, you certainly have almost every conceivable cover covered!

    1. Linda, yes, I have "covered" it all...haha!


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