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Monday, August 4, 2014

Currently and A Prayer

hi Monday! just asking for prayers of comfort and understanding right now. lots going on. i am hoping for the best in all things. thanks for lending an ear and prayer to all.

currently i am... linking up with A Mama Collective :)

Thinking about--a lot! and when i say a lot, it is a lot. there are changes that i need to make and need to make them fast and with a sound mind and clear heart. i will do it, just hope it is not too late.

Reading--some good quotes that should help out with the decision making process

Loving--my new and much needed laptop. it is nice and should hopefully last a LOOONNNGGG time!

Thankful for--people that care and reach out. even just knowing that you are being thought about is nice and can keep things from getting worse. 



  1. Hi! Just stopping in from the A Mama Collective's "Currently" link-up!
    I hope the Lord grants you the understanding you seek, and peace until then! It's never, ever too late to make changes :) I'm sure whatever it is you're going through the Lord has you here for a reason, but just reading your post I can tell you are a positive person and probably believe that...that's an encouragement to me. Thanks!

    Nice to meet you :)


    1. Casey, thank you for your kind words and prayers.

  2. Sending prayers for a clear mind and heart during your decision making process. Hope it all works out for you!

    1. Dawn, thank you for your sweet words and prayers


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