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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A new Link Up!--I would not mind...

Hello Readers! Do you all like link-ups? I am trying out this one. Let's make it a good one and keep it going each Saturday. I know you have other link-ups that you can be a part of, but I really hope you will add this one to you list too :) Here we go!

Welcome to the "I would not mind" link-up happening on Saturday. I am your host Eloquent Rambles. This link up is really simple. Just give 3 or more things that you "would not mind", link-up, visit a few others, and leave a comment. We all LOVE comments. Bloggers live off comments right? That is it. Simple, easy, and I hope fun. Let's go!

I would not mind...

--you all joining this new link-up. i hope i can keep it going.

--a day at the pool

--some pretty flowers. perhaps some roses and lily's? hint hint :)

Thanks for linking up!



  1. I would not mind.....a week at the beach, a long soak in a hot tub, cooler weather!, it's hot here in the south


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