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Friday, August 8, 2014

Fill in Fun!

hi Friday! are you feeling beachie b/c i am. lets fill in some blanks :)

Feeling Beachie

The statements:
___ is ___
I am much better at ___ than ____
In the winter I will ___ because____
Growing up I ate ____ but as a adult I eat ____

My Answers:
Friday off for the summer is over :(
I am much better at doing  than explaining
In the winter I will be happy because i love the cooler weather
Growing up I ate whatever but as a adult I eat as clean as possible with the occasional junk food moment/craving thrown in



  1. I'm the absolute worst with explaining! Same with telling stories... LOL

  2. I am the opposite. I hate the cold weather!

  3. I like cool weather, too. I can relate to that! I don't do well in heat.
    I like your #4. I think that is a very healthy way to deal with food.

  4. Oh my gosh -- you explained ME so well. I am so much better at just doing, than trying to explain. I can have the job DONE, before I could ever figure out how to explain it to someone else. I think some people are just Doers.
    We are having some very cool weather -- it's been a weird summer for sure. Not really complaining, but it would be nice to have one really hot beach day where you can just lounge in the sand --- and not require a blanket.

  5. My junk food moments are more like marathons.


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