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Monday, August 11, 2014


hi readers! well, it sure is Monday! time for Currently and back to work this week. i work with college students and i tell you sometimes...they make me want to scream when the forget that they are adults. i am convinced that some of them do not want to make it or be alive for the first day of classes. ugh. just breath right?

so..."Currently" i am linking up with A Mama Collective and...

Thinking About--too many things again. i need to do better at getting my thoughts organized

Reading--diet and juicing books

Thankful for--family, friends, life, my job and security that was able to save the day and get this REALLY BIG salamander/creature out of my office space. it was scary!!

Photographing--just about anything. hey with not having to develop film anymore and our cell phone camera...anything is game...even the carpet :)

Loving--all the neat and new blog hops out there and writing. i am loving the little work from home jobs too such as Swagbucks and Bubblews (ask me if you would like to know more!)



  1. LOVE Swagbucks! It's so nice that we can do little things from home to help our families!

    I'm so glad I found you through the Currently link up!

    1. Oliva, love it too. i just wish i was really good at it as some other folks seem to be. i usually get enough for Christmas so that is good!


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