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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The reason why

happy Sunday! it is time for Sunday Social. so just as a quick update...i am now officially broke. i am blogging from my new computer and HP Envy. it is nice and i was so in due for a new one. hopefully this will last me a good 5 to 7 years or perhaps my future hubby will buy me my next one :)

Sunday Social

gum or mints?--gum. so many flavors and nice to chew and keep my mouth from being dry.

tea or coffee?--i am a sweet tea gal so sweet tea it is. love the flavors and sweetness of it. if i go for coffee, it is cold coffee.

fruits or veggies?--both, but i am a fan of fruits more because i do like a sweet taste. i have sweet teeth :)

tv or movies?--tv. there are just so many good shows and you can get it instant and on hulu.

candles or diffusers?--candles. they smell great and make good gifts. they are pretty to look at too.



  1. It's always so fun to have a new toy to play around with! Enjoy the new computer. I prefer gum, coffee, either fruits or veggies, movies and candles.

    1. Dawn, so far the computer is a nice one. i am loving the summer fruits


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