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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

currently as of late...

hi there! i think my new goal is just going to be to get a blog post up before midnight CST. yep, that is more realistic goal to maintain. i am doing the "currently" link up again so here we go!

currently i am... (themes are snapping, stopping, spending, starting, and skipping)

--SNAPPING at people when i should be really snapping pictures! sorry to those i have snapped at.

--STOPPING myself from snacking too much. so easy to do at a desk job.

--SPENDING more time thinking and staying quiet so i can reflect on my past to improve my future and i am spending my time on online money making sites and apps. too many, got to let some go!

--STARTING to be more open and work on those files on my desk

--SKIPPING eating dinner at night and replacing it with a no sugar added smoothie or juice from juicing.

*what are you currently doing?*


  1. Let's see. You asked what I was currently doing. I'm trying to catch up with blogger friends, and seeing what they have been up to the last few days. Got behind a few days ago. About that smoothie- you can make a good meal substitute by using protein powder, a frozen banana, and fresh or frozen berries/cherries. You get a super tasting one, though I also put in a half cup or so of soy milk. Have a lovely weekend.


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