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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Currently and Quiz about me!

 hey there Wednesday...what are you currently doing? the themes this week are--shoveling, ignoring, inhaling, hugging, and throwing. 
currently i am shoveling food in my mouth b/c lunch breaks are so short. heartburn and indigestion anyone?
currently i am ignoring the negative thoughts in my head. i will have a good and blessed week.

currently i am inhaling the sweet smell of yummy food and my perfume

currently i am hugging nothing right now, i guess since i am wearing clothes (hahah) i am hugging my clothes.

currently i am throwing things away and clothes in a bag of donation.

*what are you currently doing?*

also...since i missed this on Monday, here is the Monday Quiz about me with Acting Balanced.

1. February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day - when were you last the recipient or provider of a ROAK - or what RAOK have you heard about recently?--someone paid for my lunch once and my last eye exam since the doctor knew my mom, gave me 20% off :) Yes, I have heard of Random Acts of Kindness.

2. February is also National Cherry Month - are you a cherry lover?  Recipes?--i like cherries. i really like maraschino cherries, i could eat them right out of the jar! i do not have any recipes

3. Are toys limiting children's creativity more these days?--no, toys are not, i think electronics like the iPhone and iPad and xbox and PlayStation are. what happened to going outside to play?

4. Since the Olympics are here, what would you win a gold medal in?--i would win it in Social Media/Facebook and being patient. i am on Facebook way too much, but that is how i communicate with many and i think i care too much, at times to a fault.

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