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Monday, February 3, 2014

Quiz about me and Monday Funday Hop

Happy Monday, what a weekend! Monday Quiz about me with Acting Balanced and maybe a few other blog hops too while we are at it :)

1. Happy February!  It's Canned Food Month... who knew?  Do you can your own foods? Do you eat canned foods?--no to canning food, but i would like to learn and the only canned food i eat at times are beans and pineapples

2. February 3rd is also the day the music died - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959. - what other great musicians would you like to honor today?--the two from the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Allyiah, James Brown, Luther Vandross, Gerald Lavertte

3. Do you listen to the radio?  Internet radio?--radio in the car yes. internet radio...when i remember to, so busy at work i forget to turn it on. sometimes when i am ready to hear a song, i look it up on youtube.
4. Both Wiarton Willie (Canada) and Puxotawny Phil (US) saw their shadows and predict six more weeks of winter - do you agree?--i hope not. i am over this cold spell and we already had snow here in Florida.
5. Did you watch the Superbowl? The commercials? or did you have something better to do last night?--yes, we watched the Super Bowl. i have this great app that basically pays me to watch TV, so i watched it (Viggle is the app). the commercials were ok, i liked the KIA one a lot. i was on the computer catching up on blogs and writing while watching the game. what a surprise. was not expecting a blowout game at all. way to go and for a first time rookie team too!

Also, there is the great blog linkup too Monday FunDay with Molly.
--i get my make-up where I can and so far the drug stores like CVS and even the dollar tree has not been that bad. 


  1. Even though I was going for the Seahawks, it was so hard to watch them totally wipe the field with the Broncos. Happy Monday, hope you have a great week.

    1. Yea, that was more like a high school football game. I did not expect a blowout. I was actually happy when they finally scored.

  2. GAHHHHH!!!! I forgot about Viggle!! AGAIN!!!! I'm the worst..
    BTW.. I had no idea there was a canned food month..

    1. M and the M...what am i going to do with you? But you know, Viggle has changed a lot, so you are not missing out on much really. i had no idea of the canned food month either...the things we learn.


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