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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Happy is coffee chat time! i am late on this one, so busy is a good thing. so, this week we are talking about LOVE!! awww. so what are you loving?

Time out for Mom

I am LOVING...

--my family
--my blog, blog hops, and link ups
--online money making sites
--work (to a point)
--peace and quiet
--alone time
--added responsibility
--my improved self confidence
--the olympics
--not having to put gas in the car
--the healthier me
--the Lord
--comments on here and other places
--a kind word/sweet gesture

*what are you loving?*


1 comment:

  1. Yeah - for self confidence!! For we cannot really love others, until we learn to love ourselves.
    I am loving the Olympics so far this year too. there are many great stories which demonstrate the spirit of unity, and I love that as much as the competition. Hubby and I watched the Canada vs. USA women's hockey this morning. And we finally beat them!! (always a great match up - but they had a number the past few games.)
    I am loving hearing what other people are loving! :)


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