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Sunday, February 16, 2014

No writing oomph today :(

yep, like the title of this blog says, no writing oomph today :( do not know why. just sleepy and working through somethings. i will be back soon. hope your weekend went well and i will catch up with Stealing Sunday and Sunday Social this week. my weekend so far consisted of 2 doctor appointment, general and eye and some strange news/request that is not quite sitting well with me so through prayer and trust and just seeing how it goes, i should be okay. communication is really going to be key here. i got new glasses for distance so that is good and hope to be driving again soon! how is your weekend? you still got the blogging bug in you?



  1. 2 doctor appointments :( My weekend was good. I celebrated valentine's day yesterday instead of the day before since my hubby and I were both busy at work and he had to put in some long hours. Went to see a movie (comedy), we did a little home decor shopping and went to dinner which was nice. Sunday however has me blogging from bed with back aches, cramps, and a head ache that won't quit.


    1. glad valentines day was nice. i hope your headache get better. yea, still not blogging drive right now.


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