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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


hello Wednesday, middle of the week you! so here is what i am "CURRENTLY" doing....

--currently i am linking up with Mommy Panda for this link up

the themes are...watching, saying, loosing, admiring, making

--currently i am WATCHING people come in and out of the school and watching the clock refusing to move b/c i am ready to go home.

--currently i am SAYING "really" a lot and giving a funny look on my face when i do it.

--currently i am LOOSING faith in somethings, but it will be better

--currently i am ADMIRING the athletes in the Winter Olympics, they all have skills, from all the countries.

--currently i am MAKING progress on the files and some online money making sites. not bad at all.

**what are you currently doing?**



  1. i love these post...currently i am reading more blogs and less yikes.

    1. ha! it happens. blogs are interesting. instant stories. thanks for stopping by!


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