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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Currently I am...

hey readers it is Wednesday and time for another "Currently I am" with Harvesting Kale. i am linking up through one of her co-host this week as Harvesting Kale is getting ready for baby #2 :)

currently i am...owning, wearing, thinking, drinking, dancing

currently i am OWNING my own health and the fact that this is post #400!!! i am paying attention to it more and eating better. almost loosing my eyesight brought about this change. 

currently i am WEARING clothes...haha! black pant, grey loose shirt and a garnet with gold polka dots scarf and black heels.

currently i am THINKING about family, friends, life, next career move and a bunch of other things.

currently i am DRINKING diet mountain dew with lots of ice in it.

currently i am DANCING to the beat of my own drum right now with some African Music thrown in every now and then.

**what are you currently doing?**



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